illuminating your once in a lifetime love story.

Capturing candid and unhurried moments

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Amelia Lyon's mission is to capture the essence of your wedding day through timeless and luminous photography. With a focus on real and tender moments, she aims to create an effortless and client-focused experience that is filled with genuine connections. Let her be the storyteller who preserves your cherished memories, ensuring that your love story blooms and remains forever rooted in the light.


amelia lyon

with love,

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Focused on capturing candid and unhurried moments, Amelia's expertise shines through in crafting timeless images infused with abundant light, beautifully illuminating even the smallest details observed throughout every wedding. Her distinctive approach and photography style elevate your experience to an unparalleled level of quality in the wedding photography industry. Prioritizing attention to detail in executing each client's vision, Amelia ensures an effortless and client-focused experience, grounded in the genuine connections formed with each couple.

Amelia Lyon, a luxury wedding photographer, specializes in the art of soft and radiant imagery.

MEET Amelia

-So Happi Together event design & planning

– Nancy Park 

...who beautifully captures every event with a unique perspective and does so while creating a sense of calm and joy. I highly recommend her to all of our couples, and even had the honor of her capturing my own wedding day!

Amelia is a seasoned professional...

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Past Bride

– Molly Berta

and I could not have been happier with the results! I immediately loved her photography and her approach to shooting weddings, which was cool, casual, candid and natural. She captures the day - the little details AND the big emotions - with ease and creativity.

From start to finish, working with Amelia was a joyous part of my wedding planning process

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Amorology wedding and event planner

– Heather Balliet 

...and seeing the love and passion that she pours into her work. She has a way of always setting our clients at ease with her calming presence and kindness while also bringing an element of fun to the day that translates into photos that capture genuine moments and emotions. Being able to relive all the anticipation, tenderness, happiness and joy that come through her images is truly a gift!"

I've had the great pleasure of working with Amelia through the years... 

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-Jessica & Turner Buis

From our initial conversation to our finished products- we have been blown away by her intentionality, passion, and attention to detail. She is an efficient and talented photographer- she captured the most magical moments for us. We are so grateful for and look forward to working with her as our love story unfolds.

It was an absolute joy to work with Amelia on our wedding day. 

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Love Notes

"One day you’ll look back and see that all along, you were blooming."

Learn more about AMELIA LYON’s mission to create an effortless and client-focused experience, and capture the essence of your wedding day by elevating every detail and illuminating the smallest of moments.

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Amelia Lyon  encapsulates the spirit of your wedding day through photography that is both timeless and luminous. Prioritizing candid and unhurried moments, she aims to craft an effortless and client-focused experience infused with genuine connections. 

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