With a focus on authentic & serene moments, Amelia’s expertise and knowledge is highlighted in her ability to create timeless images and flood her photos with endless touches of light , illuminating even the tiniest of details quaintly noted throughout each wedding. With her unique approach and photography style, Amelia allows you to discover an elevated and unmatched level of quality within the wedding photography industry. With her attention to detail in her execution of each client’s vision, she also prioritizes creating an effortless and client-focused experience that is rooted in her genuine connection felt by each client.

Amelia Lyon is a luxury wedding photographer specializing in the art of dreamy and radiant photography. 


Capturing real and tender moments through the lens, 

illuminating your once in a lifetime love story.

With a passion for creating enduring images and nurturing trusted client relationships, Amelia strives to provide a luxury wedding photography service that is grounded, authentic, and elegant.

Amelia Lyon


In a place where the sun shines for nearly 345 days each year, light becomes a language. It speaks through sunkissed landscapes and glittering waves and through its interplay with darkness. Understanding this dialect demands a keen eye, an appreciation for subtlety, and an unwavering commitment to detail.

Amelia Lyon, a native daughter of Southern California, is fluent in light. Her love for natural light and acute attention to detail have made her an esteemed and sought-after wedding, lifestyle, and commercial photographer for over twenty years.

She wields her camera like a prism, capturing not merely the sun's rays, but the luminosity that radiates from happy subjects and the effulgence within human connections. Each click echoes a tribute to the ethereal interplay between light and love.

Amelia's affection for love knows no bounds. Clients quickly become cherished friends, extensions of an already large family. As the eldest daughter among fourteen siblings and a devoted mother to five, Amelia has mastered the art of orchestrating moments within a crowd while revering the sanctity of intimate, tender exchanges between two souls. Simultaneously a guide and an unseen observer, she tirelessly strives to immortalize those irreplaceable moments her clients long to hold forever.

This biography is not Amelia's creation. A loyal, long term client penned this tribute. Amelia would never paint herself in such hues. No, Amelia speaks in triple exclamation points, vibrant superlatives, and pure, infectious joy. It's this vibrant spirit that forges deep connections. It's what eases her subject in front of her lens, allowing Amelia to immortalize those fleeting moments (both candid and posed) that narrate the rich stories of life's most cherished days.

Amelia         Loves...

She loves experiencing different cultures around the world and seeing the greatness and beauty God has created. She loves how food brings people together and fosters great conversations, which is why she’s often trying the best new restaurants with people she loves. 



Amelia loves love! She loves human connection, family, health, and heart! She loves God & Jesus and feels that every person deserves to be captured in a beautiful timeless way so that the posterity to follow can look back longingly at their loved ones for years to come.

Loving love


Amelia loves florals & plants! Their colors, beauty and natural grace inspire her. Capturing images of flowers that she spots in the wild is one of her favorite pastimes. It brings absolute joy to her heart! Nurturing and caring for nearly a hundred plants, she loves how they represent life and growth in all things. Their need for light and nurture doesn’t seem to be a coincidence - as this is what she loves about life - bringing light to others, capturing light and nurturing relationships.



Amelia's deepest love is for her family. Family is her anchor, fills her cup and brings her life meaning. She’s been married to her sweetheart for 22 years and counting, together they have grown a family with five children. Her children are her among the greatest joys in her life



Amelia loves a good dance party, whether out with friends or in the kitchen with her kids. She loves singing her heart out to a favorite song.

Music & rythm


"Deep in the roots, all flowers keep the light."

– theodore Roethke

The plant and floral motif in AMELIA LYON’s branding represents life, growth and light. Their colors, beauty and grace inspire her work, and the way she interacts with her clients.

Your wedding day is one you’ve dreamt of for years, and every photo surrounding that new beginning should reflect exactly that. Never letting even the tiniest of details go unnoticed and uncaptured, AMELIA LYON sets a new standard in elevated wedding photography as she captures the candid and unhurried moments through her lens on your special day. Learn more about how she seamlessly captures your once in a lifetime love story.

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Amelia Lyon encapsulates the spirit of your wedding day through photography that is both timeless and luminous. Prioritizing candid and unhurried moments, she aims to craft an effortless and client-focused experience infused with genuine connections. 

Let Me Tell Your Love Story.